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Trying to decided if a Psychological Evaluation is right for you?

Psychological evaluations objectively gain a better understanding of a person and their level of functioning in different areas including cognitive and intellectual abilities, thought process, behavior, mood, and personality. Psychological testing is not one single test, but a series of scientifically developed tests and procedures that assess various aspects of a person’s psychological functioning. These disorders can include:

The Providers at Scissortail hope to provide a safe place to heal your past or learn to manage your present. 

Our goal is to guide you to a place where things feel manageable again. We have Providers who specialize in working with all age groups. Please visit the Providers individual pages to see what types of therapy are offered.

Scissortail has hired and exceptional new group of providers and look forward to serving your Mental Health needs! 

Our new services now offer you a wide range of therapies for all ages ranging from Trauma focused therapy to PCIT. 

See our new providers individual pages to see which one is a right fit for you!